I started this adventure with cannabis a long time ago and have learned so much that I want to share, so many things I’d like to teach others and I hope that my information, my story, can do that for you. Please join me on My Green Journey.

Month 26 – Manage your moods with Cannabis

It’s that really weird time of year in Phoenix, that flash of fall and straight on to winter. Then the Holiday chaos begins. This is usually a very emotional time for most people, for one reason or another, (Did Jojo run over the turkey? It happens) and...

Month 25 – This is an Emergency, Pass the Joint!

Whew! Where did this month go? We blinked and it’s almost over. A couple neat things happened this month though; my story was printed in Dope magazine! (thank you Tyler!) and I was able to help my best friend and MutherlyLuv partner get through pre and...

Month 24 – Are You Afraid of Commitment?

24 months ago I made a commitment. To myself, my health and my future. I chose to use Cannabis only to help manage my Crohn’s disease. But, what did making this commitment mean? What would I have to change? Am I going to have to tell everyone I know that I...

21 months and Cannabis 101

There it is, that unmistakable scent; sweet, inviting, just a little skunky. It’s the smell of freedom, health and life. Oh, and cannabis.

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