I started this adventure with cannabis a long time ago and have learned so much that I want to share, so many things I’d like to teach others and I hope that my information, my story, can do that for you. Please join me on My Green Journey.

Month 25 – This is an Emergency, Pass the Joint!

Whew! Where did this month go? We blinked and it’s almost over. A couple neat things happened this month though; my story was printed in Dope magazine! (thank you Tyler!) and I was able to help my best friend and MutherlyLuv partner get through pre and...

Month 24 – Are You Afraid of Commitment?

24 months ago I made a commitment. To myself, my health and my future. I chose to use Cannabis only to help manage my Crohn’s disease. But, what did making this commitment mean? What would I have to change? Am I going to have to tell everyone I know that I...

21 months and Cannabis 101

There it is, that unmistakable scent; sweet, inviting, just a little skunky. It’s the smell of freedom, health and life. Oh, and cannabis.

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